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Htc vacuum Ball Valve-KF40BV130(1.5")
USD 94.23-94.23
Free Shipping
Htc vacuum Ball Valve-KF25BV107(1")
USD 52.60-52.60
Free Shipping
Htc vacuum Ball Valve-KF16BV092(3/4")
USD 35.20-35.20
Free Shipping
Htc vacuum Ball Valve-KF50BV151(2")
USD 138.44-138.44
Free Shipping

About Us

Htc vacuum local manufactures vacuum technology processing and assembly in the ground and cooperate with international companies ODM & OEM, provide clients with design service to expedite their development schedule and help them create better product profits as well as greater market shares.

Htc vacuum demanded for high quality vacuum components to meet the market, owns a nation-leading range of over 3,650 vacuum components, vacuum parts:
- vacuum gate valve
- vacuum valve
- vacuum flange & clamp
- vacuum adaptor fittings
- vacuum bellows
- vacuum feedthrough
- vacuum viewport
- Vacuum Butterfly Valves
- Vacuum Ball Valves
- Centering Ring & O-ring
- vacuum accessories
vacuum chambers and vacuum equipment system basic components.

Integrated Solution of Vacuum System

Htc vacuum has a large manufacturing factory and equipment qualified to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with customized, integrated vacuum coating chamber solutions for customer requirements.

Htc vacuum, Large scale factory can provide large-scale equipment, high precision, high-quality thin film vacuum coating process equipment offers thin film solar cell, LED industry, Touch flat panel display, semiconductor, optoelectronics technology industry requirement.