Manual Gate Valve with ISO Flange - Vacuum Gate Valve-GVB-SS-ISO100-M

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ISO Flange gate vlaves
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  • Texture:Stainless Steel
  • Flange Type:ISO Flanges
  • Body Material:304S.S. or A6061T6
  • Actuator type:Manual
  • Pressure Range:10-8 torr ~ ATM

Key Features

Gate valve assemblies consist of three key components: an actuator, a carriage/gate and a valve body. Htc vacuum offers gate valves that have two series, one is HV series and the other is UHV series. The type of HV series valves are toggle action, linear travel gate valves. The gate carriage moves in the valve body on a set of wheels, moved back and forth by a manual or pneumatically-actuated valve stem. Htc offer a wide variety of valve types in a comprehensive range of sizes. Htc vacuum’s gate valves have manually and pneumatically, with bellows and without bellows. And the gate valves are available with KF, ISO, ANSI, JIS, and CF flange. Htc vacuumdesigns all series angle valves suited for vacuum applications with venting processes , high vacuum applications in pumping systems, semiconductor technology, research systems, etc.


Manual Gate Valve with ISO Flange - Vacuum Gate Valve


-      Type: ISO Flange-Manually Operated

-      Material: 304 S.S.

-      Size: ISO63~ISO200

Pressure range: 10-8 torr~ATM


Please specify the desired Model No. and Parts No. to mail: ec@high-light.com.tw





304 S.S.




304 S.S.

Life Cycle

size under 4”(included)

100,000 cycles

size above 4”

50,000 cycles

Hellium leak rates at 1 atm differential

2×10-9std cc / sec for Viton bonnet seal

Bakeable Temperature


150°C Viton bonnet seal


200°C Viton bonnet seal

Pressure range

10-8 torr ATM

Maximun P

20 torr before opening

Standard seal


Viton O’ring


Buna N O’ring


2” to 8”


Electro-Pneumatic or Manual

Surface treatment

Scotch Polished


a.    Position indicator

b.    Pneumatic control solenoid valve

c.    Roughing port

d.    Other material Gate O’ring seal



Larger or special size available upon request, contact us with your specific requirements. Please offer your drawings to ec@high-light.com.tw , our sales specialized services person will contact and quote for you.

Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


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